domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Del Close & John Brent - How to Speak Hip and The “Do It Yourself” Psychoanalysis Kit


How To Speak Hip
01 Introduction
02 Basic Hip
03 Vocabulary Building
04 The Loose Wig
05 The Riff
06 The Hang Up
07 Put On, Put Down, Come On, Come Down, Bring Down
08 Cool
09 Uncool
10 Field Trip No. 1
11 Field Trip No. 2
12 Field Trip No. 3
13 Summary

The Do It Yourself Psychoanalysis Kit

14 General Introduction To Psychoanalysis
15 Psychological Testing
16 Diagnosis and Therapy
17 The Psychoanalytic Session
18 The Diagnosis of Dr Siegfried Gesalt

This is a 2009 CD reissue of the classic 1959 comedy record How To Speak Hip. It’s really a gas. I couldn’t post this without giving credit to Owl who posted his record rip at Holy Warbles. This reissue includes another of Close’s comedy records The Do It Yourself Psychoanalysis Kit (released the same year on Hanover) which is hilarious in and of itself.