martes, 5 de abril de 2011

The Art of the Panpipe (Folklore Music for the Pan Flute)

I found this record at Ed McKays Used Books And More which is where I usually spend my weekends now. It was made by an extremely obscure Los Angeles label called Olympic Records who started The Atlas Series in 1977 that featured music from all over the world. I presume the music was stolen from foreign labels that had no valid copyright in the United States. That was a common practice in the 70’s. They got lazy and left most of what was written on the record in French! I also have a Sitar album from the label if anyone wants me to upload it. The back of the record gives a brief history of the Pan Flute and similar instruments dating back to 618-900 AD. It was incredibly informative and interesting though it had little to do with the actual songs on the disc. It was also the only text translated from the original French.


Georges Schmitt – Pan Flute
Albert Levy – Organ and Piano
Roland Dyens and Jean-Pierre Semerraro – Guitar
Jean-Luc Ceddaha – Percussion


01 Folkloriana
02 Suite Bretonne
03 Aurore
04 Enfantines
05 A Mezzu Mare
06 Les Gardians
07 Si Re Do
08 Triste Est Le Ciel Folklore des Pyrénées
09 Suite Pyreneenne Los Caulets - Anem Petitons
10 La Danse de Biquette
11 Tambours de Guerre
12 Pastourelle


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  2. Hello,

    This is a fantastic record that my family had, but we no longer have a record player. I'd love to be able to hear it again, but your download link no longer works. Would you possibly be willing to reupload it?