domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Something Saxy

Something Saxy by Fausto Papetti will always have a special place in my heart. I have listened to this record so many times while hanging out with my friends in college. Back in 2011 I got this record in a bargain bin at some record store that has since closed its doors. It was really cheap and I really didn't expect much. I listened to it a few times and forgot about it. It wasn't until my sophomore year of college that I heard it again. My roommates really took a liking to it and soon I realized that it was indeed a gem. I would listen to this record every day after class while smoking with my friends and talking about the conspiracy theory du jour. This is one of the few Fausto Papetti albums not to feature a sexy lady on the cover, this is something he was known for. That being said I really like this cover, though it lacks a sexy lady it features a sexy sax. Fausto Papetti's Saxophone is elegant and crisp and the band accompanying him sounds distinctly Italian. Most of the songs on this album are covers of Jazz and pop standards, now I'm not usually one to listen to cover albums but Fausto Papetti's reimaginings of these songs is a nice change of pace from the usual set of boring covers. Papetti adds his own unique flare to each of the songs without straying too far from the original to render it unrecognizable.

This is a vinyl rip that I ripped myself, I've gone through and cleaned up most of the really noticeable pops but there are still a few artifacts as you would expect.

MP3 192 VBR

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